The good, the bad and the ugly about gasoline prices are on people's minds again these days.

For me, personally, the good is that I now entertain and shop more closely to home. This keeps my dollars more local. The bad is that my travel plans are being curtailed to fit my budget and live within my means.

The ugly is the faces I see because of travel indulgences that perpetuate our selfishness (including my own). Lessons learned are as follows:

•Limit driving. Though oil companies will continue to exploit our pocket books, the less we use, the less reason the oil companies will have to raise prices as much.

•Budget wisely, so that in bad times we have oil to use. The more we use, the sooner we'll run out. Pretty simple.

•Ride a bike, walk and use public transportation now and then. Not only will that keep us healthier; it will lower our gas bill. Car pooling will help as well.

So keep on keeping on! Remember to do so, so that future generations have a better life than they will if we don't wise up.

Herman Arrivillaga

Forest Grove

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