Dave Willard, assistant superintendent of the Forest Grove School District and a member of the 2005-06 Health and Wellness Committee that drew up the newly-adopted wellness policy, sat down and answered a few pertinent questions:

Q: What was the motivation for establishing a wellness policy for local schools?

A: The motivation was to comply with federal law. All districts that participate in the national school lunch program are required to have a policy that meets certain criteria. Of course our motivation also included a desire to do what is best for kids.

Q: In your mind, what does the wellness policy actually do for students?

A: It helps us prioritize what we do for our kids. It gives us some guidelines for what to consider when looking at the food we provide.

Q: What were the committee's main concerns about student health?

A: The discussion had to do with choices that kids make about what they eat all the time (not just at school) and the concern that not enough students were getting exercise on a regular basis.

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