Cove community should be saved


To the Editor:

(Regarding the pending sale of Willamette Cove and senior residents having to move out by December.)

This situation was brought to my attention by my son yesterday. His mother-in-law, in good faith, bought her home and expected to live the rest of her life there. They made the home beautiful.

Legally, maybe (property owner) Mr. Jennings has a right to do what he chooses, however, morally and ethically he is clearly wrong. I don't understand how he can live with himself, when he has harmed so many people who believed in him.

My husband and I have worked hard and with passion to improve the downtown area of the city of Tacoma. We have worked to save and restore several old buildings at considerable financial risk. Through our efforts, people are beginning to come back to the downtown area. Other organizations have and are contributing to the revitalization. The city officials have provided great help as well. As a result, people are developing a sense of community and pride in being able to have the choice of living close to the amenities and services that a downtown core can provide.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Jennings chooses the opposite approach.

Fred and Anne Roberson

Tacoma, Wash.