Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the Lake Oswego blotter. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


7/13/11 12 noon. A woman who has been stalked recently reported that a burglar entered her house some time over the past two days.


7/18/11 12:08 p.m. A drunken driver drove into a ditch on Kilkenny Road. He was cited and released for DUII, reckless driving, refusing a breath test and having an open container.


7/12/11 1:49 p.m. A check appears to have been stolen out of a mailbox on Pioneer Court.

7/14/11 10:47 a.m. Money and sunglasses were stolen from a Honda Civic parked on Upper Cherry Lane.

7/15/11 2:55 p.m. A thief tried to steal a vehicle on Parkview Drive but only succeeded in damaging the ignition system.

7/18/11 8:38 a.m. A box of clothing was stolen from a Chevy Tahoe parked on Hill Way.


7/11/11 7:15 p.m. Seven juveniles were warned about criminal trespass after they jumped a fence around a boat dock on Maple Circle.

7/11/11 7:19 p.m. In a case of gas station rage, a man in a black Range Rover cussed out a woman after her vehicle blocked his at a service station on Boones Ferry Road.

7/11/11 9:55 p.m. Skateboard-ing firebugs built fires on Bella Terra and Ridge Point Drive and were jumping over them.

7/12/11 8:37 a.m. Some neighbors on Westview Circle got into a dispute over driveway easement issues. One neighbor has torn up and painted the other neighbor's driveway and claimed his rights to the easement.

7/12/11 8:40 a.m. The word 'butt' was written in red paint on a retaining wall on Tolkien Lane, causing an estimated $200 in damage.

7/12/11 9:31 a.m. Tires were slashed on a vehicle parked on Arrowwood Avenue.

7/12/11 12:41 p.m. Rumors and lies are being spread about a woman by a neighbor.

7/12/11 5:02 p.m. A dog was threatened with rocks by a man who claimed the dog was doing unwarranted urinating on Pioneer Court.

7/12/11 7:37 p.m. A father returned home to find that his son has been throwing wild parties in his absence. Four youth were cited for being minors in possession.

7/12/11 8:07 p.m. A weirdo was wandering around, peering through trees and looking into people's property on Eighth Street.

7/13/11 11:23 a.m. A man threatened a woman with death if she tampered with his meter on Lake Bay Court.

7/13/11 9:30 p.m. A clerk at a grocery store seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or was having medical problems.

7/14/11 8:36 a.m. A driver and a pedestrian got into a shouting match after the driver nearly hit the pedestrian in a crosswalk on Reese Road and Boones Ferry.

7/14/11 10:38 a.m. While a 20-year-old daughter was home alone, a man from a yard crew watched her through a window for 15 minutes.

7/14/11 12:39 p.m. A restaurant complained about a woman who keeps coming in and taking her personal paperwork. An investigation discovered that the woman has a history of misplacing things.

7/14/11 1:51 p.m. A possibly drunken man was belligerent to construction workers on Jefferson Parkway.

7/14/11 4:35 p.m. Ephraim E. Lockhart, 18, registered as a sex offender.

7/14/11 4:56 p.m. Southwood Park has a constant problem with juveniles coming in with backpacks. After they depart, residents are finding beer cans left behind.

7/14/11 6:10 p.m. A small dog is at large and taking potty breaks along View Lake Court.

7/14/11 7:26 p.m. A female driver refused to stop talking and texting while she was driving down Boones Ferry.

7/15/11 2:37 a.m. A naked male was spotted in traffic north of Monroe Parkway.

7/15/11 3:23 a.m. An unfriendly dog on Carman Drive refuses to stop barking.

7/15/11 6:56 a.m. A window was broken at the back gym at Forest Hills Elementary School. Officials estimated the damage at $400.

7/15/11 9:04 a.m. Ryan Christopher Ellis, 29, registered as a sex offender.

7/15/11 12:20 p.m. One child is threatening to kill another child.

7/15/11 2:01 p.m. The dolphin statue at Oswego Point Drive is again proving a popular jumping-off spot for kids ages 13 and 14. Unfortunately, this is considered neither safe nor legal.

7/15/11 9:17 p.m. A bunch of kids on Foothills Road were smoking marijuana, jumping into the river and throwing fireworks at boats. Aside from that, their conduct was exemplary.

7/15/11 9:28 p.m. A sleepover turned wild and loud when some youngsters started screaming and yelling as they bounced on a trampoline.

7/15/11 10:59 p.m. A Jeep was subjected to an egging as it drove down Country Club Road.

7/15/11 11:09 p.m. Just as a drunken woman was about to drive away from a location on North State Street, a person jumped in and told her not to drive.

7/16/11 12:54 a.m. A girlfriend locked herself into a bathroom and threatened to cut herself.

7/16/11 2:15 a.m. Four or five young adults, both men and women, were wrestling loudly on a dock on Oswego Lake below Third Street. They were given a noise warning and told to move along.

7/16/11 4:17 p.m. Two phony solicitors were caught selling phony Meineke offers on Wembley Park Road.

7/16/11 5:39 p.m. Five young males, aged 12-13, set off some fireworks on Hallinan Street and Hemlock Street, then skateboarded away in the direction of Hallinan Elementary School.

7/16/11 7:07 p.m. A father and son accidentally broke a window while playing basketball on a school playground.

7/17/11 2:06 a.m. A man's sleep was ruined by a neighbor stomping around and yelling in a loud voice at a location on McVey Avenue.

7/17/11 7:36 a.m. Police broke up a physical/verbal fight between a husband and wife. They are having marital problems.

7/17/11 8:22 a.m. A custody battle is turning bitter as a husband will not let his wife have custody of their 2-year-old son.

7/17/11 10:12 a.m. A house on Fernwood Drive was the target of eggs and tomatoes overnight, and a screen door was broken.

7/18/11 12:38 a.m. Two or three kids were caught setting off Pop-its in the main entrance of Lake Grove Elementary School.

7/18/11 1:30 a.m. A too-loud party was interrupted by police who cited three 17 year olds for minor in possession (alcohol). Another youth was cited for MIP (alcohol and tobacco) and curfew violation.

7/18/11 12:48 p.m. Festering of mosquitoes is feared by neighbors about the pond of an abandoned home.

7/18/11 5:18 p.m. An ex-wife is concerned that her depressed ex-husband might try to harm himself while he is house sitting.

7/18/11 5:35 p.m. Six chickens were killed by a large bulldog on Ash Street. Bloody paw prints were found on the front porch of the residence.

7/18/11 6:17 p.m. A man is being called obscenities by an unknown phone caller.

7/18/11 11:41 p.m. A juvenile ran a red light while skateboarding down the middle of the street on North Shore Road.

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