Improved Lake Oswego Swim Park opens for the season on Monday

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The accustomed aroma of suntan lotion and chlorinated water coupled with the sounds of giggling children splashing once marked the beginning of summer.

Now, summer will begin Monday for Lake Oswego residents with the opening of Lake Oswego Swim Park, located at 250 Ridgeway Road with its unique renovations.

'We have added components that make it fun for kids,' said Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Superintendent Gary Evans, noting improvements that took nearly half a year to complete.

Tucked behind a grove of trees wrapped in English Ivy with stone steps that lead to its dock, the park is safer, more public friendly, and hopefully, for the city of Lake Oswego Park and Recreation employees, more appealing.

Three years ago, the park consisted of a rotten wooden dock that splintered feet and offered a lone diving board, a plethora of rules and no place for parents to sit.

After $50,000 in renovations over three years, the park will refresh its citizens with a potable outdoor shower, relax its residents with lounge chairs and umbrellas, and relieve them with several full-service porta potties with running water and flush toilets.

But it's not just parents who will enjoy the upgrade.

Children age 5 and under can play in a plastic kiddy pool equipped with slide. Older kids who pass a swim test will be able to use innertubes, swim race with starter ramps and fire two dock-mounted plastic 'water shooters' as far as 60 feet. The shooters look like gattling guns once deck-mounted on WWII PT boats, according to Evans.

It is also, 'the only entirely open (to the public) swim park on the lake,' Evans said.

The park is free and will employ three lifeguards during the July and August summer season.

'I am very pleased with how it has all turned out,' Evans said.

The park is open from June 26 to Aug. 31, seven days a week from noon to 6 p.m.