Troutdale's Dwain Munyan wins Humanitarian of the Year award

TROUTDALE - Dwain Munyan is the kind of guy who likes to do things behind the scenes.

Although he can be found volunteering for any number of organizations and is the 'go-to guy' when something needs to be done, he seeks no accolades for his work.

In fact, he is a little embarrassed about the attention he has gotten as the Troutdale Lions Club's newest Sam Cox Humanitarian of the Year, but he is proud to serve the community he lives in.

'I volunteer to do stuff, but certainly not to get recognized,' Munyan said.

Munyan, 60, will receive the award at Troutdale's annual SummerFest, which will be held Saturday, July 15.

'He always does so much that I had to really think about what would stand out,' Robyn Munyan said of nominating her husband for the award. 'He's a quiet servant.'

Munyan, who has lived in Troutdale for 32 years, is a bus maintenance supervisor for TriMet. Each year, he organizes the children's games and activities for approximately 100 young people at the maintenance workers' company picnic.

He has tried a number of different activities over the years, but he likes to mix things up to keep the older participants guessing.

Whether than means directing people to go backward instead of forward in the three-legged race to up the challenge factor, or asking spoon racers to hold the spoons in their mouths, Munyan has a variety of tricks up his sleeve.

Munyan is also president of the United Methodist Men's group at Faith United Methodist Church in Troutdale - a position he has held for 15 years.

The group sponsors a monthly breakfast for the entire church, and Munyan often is the one flipping the pancakes or trying out a new tater tot/sausage/cheese breakfast casserole.

However, one of the group's primary ministries is a firewood project. Munyan and others in the group cut and haul downed trees away for free, and donate the cords of wood to families who need it for warmth in the winter. The group also sells some of the wood it collects to pay for repairs and maintenance at the church.

Munyan has also volunteered in a number of capacities with Mount Hood Habitat for Humanity and has done everything from moving rock and pouring foundations to building walls for the organization.

'It a wonderful program,' Munyan said.

In his spare time, Munyan sings with the Gresham Community Choir, which collects canned food for local charities and enjoys boating, camping, fishing and gardening.

However, his first love is spending time with his grandchildren.

'The important part of volunteering is making sure you also have time for your family,' Munyan said.

In addition to his other volunteer pursuits, Munyan helps his son coach his grandchildren's soccer teams.

Munyan is also a longtime volunteer at Sweetbriar Elementary School, where his children attended school and his grandchildren now attend.

He has also volunteered at Daybreak Shelter, served meals at Portland Rescue Mission and was part of a local safe boating club.

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