The King City Budget Committee recommended to the King City City Council to form a lighting district in King City with the intention of paying the cost of maintaining lighting for city streets in the city.

In response to the recommendation as it was presented at the June 7 meeting, the Council formed a committee composed of councilors Ray Robinson, Sam Locklin and Dick Winn to research the subject and report to the Council.

Costs for street lighting since the 2003-2004 budget have increased from $14,000 to an estimated $45,000 in the 2006-2007 budget.

A member of the budget committee, Bud Wilkinson said '(The costs) have increased rapidly, electricity costs have gone up and we have more lighting,' in the new home areas of the city.

Currently the costs have been paid out of the General Fund but they are taking an ever greater bite out of the budget.

As an example of what would be achieved with a lighting district the Council was given a copy of an ordinance drafted by the town of Nyssa in eastern Oregon.

In the document, the Nyssa City Council determined that it was the obligation of the citizens both residential and commercial, to provide sufficient lighting on all streets within the city's limits.

A fee is charged to all occupants of homes and businesses in Nyssa and the funds dedicated to providing the street lighting.

A lighting district provides funds dedicated for lighting purposes and frees up funds in the general fund for other costs.

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