by: Bob Schoenberg, “I wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t think I could do it,” Brenda Wilkinson

The King City City Council's selection of Brenda Wilkinson to serve out the remainder of Nancy Duthie's unexpired term, was a good move on the part of the council.

Wilkinson will serve in the position until the term ends in December and will have to run for election this fall to retain the seat.

We expect Wilkinson to run for a full term. By serving out Duthie's term the public can get a good idea of Wilkinson's style and view how see handles council business before electing her to a full term.

Wilkinson, a retired administrator, is the wife of former Councilor and Mayor of King City, Bud Wilkinson, she comes to the council with an impressive professional resume, new enthusiasm and commitment, as well as having the time to do the demanding job.

The council picked Wilkinson over two other candidates, David Harper, a mental health therapist with Legacy Health Systems and David Newham, a retired business and construction contractor.

We are convinced that any of the three would have make good councilors, which bodes well for King City's future.

There will be four council positions up for grabs in the fall and we would encourage both Harper and Newham to consider running for office in the future.

In the meantime we congratulate Wilkinson on her appointment and wish her well as she helps tackle the many important issues facing King City.

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