Providence Newberg Medical Center began taking patients this month, which is great news for the King City and Summerfield communities.

The state of the art medical facility is for many people, the closet hospital in the region, which also is part of many 55 plus resident's medical plans.

But make no mistake the new Providence Newberg Hospital is no ordinary medical facility. It might just be the first in the nation to operate on pollution-free wind power.

The $68.5 million hospital, with views of a tree studded Parrett Mountain at the east end of Newberg was designed for energy efficiency and with environmental protections in place.

Providence's efforts are not just token moves to make health system look good in the eyes of the public. The designs and practices are also expected to pay for themselves in 14 months and continue to generate savings for many years to come.

In addition to a nonpolluting power source, the 40-bed hospital has an air circulation system, a storm-water management system, recycled housekeeping products system that will protect the environment and patients.

Providence Newberg is thought to be the first hospital in the country to purchase 100 percent renewable energy from new, pollution-free wind power sources.

We hope that Providence officials efforts to apply to the U.S. Green Building Council to certify the hospital as gold standard comes to fruition. Providence is worthy of the honor.

In the meantime we encourage King City and Summerfield area residents to take time to tour the new hospital. It is truly a wonderful addition to our community, which adds immeasurably to the area's livability.

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