Now that the King City Civic Association's board elections are history, a couple of important observations are appropriate.

First, it appears that more people possibly voted in this election than in any recent election.

Second, with four candidates running for two positions, voters had a choice. And each candidate had an opportunity to try to get their messages out to their constituents.

All this said, we could only conclude that the KCCA's policy and fiscal issues are very important to the community at large.

And people do care about their community and its future.

Newcomer Hilda Moravick and incumbent Dave Arnold won the election and each proved during the campaign that they each were professional, thoughtful and knows their stuff, when it came to issues before the KCCA.

We believe that Hilda and Dave will be good board members, and work hard to make sure that long range issues are dealt with now and not just racked under the table for others to deal with down the road.

Again we can't stress enough that the full new board must order a full audit of all operations, appoint a committee to study the ballot allocation process, set a plan in place to implement the 30-year 'Reserve Study' and finally review the KCCA's CC and R's. We are optimist the two new board members are the kinds of leaders who will help the full board move forward in securing a bright future for the KCCA.

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