Now that the KCCA has a new board for the coming year, we hope that they take a pro-active approach to cutting costs and bring all expenses under control.

Although I have never seen a complete break out of the costs associated with the golf course, the daily maintenance has to be way out of line for the size of the course.

Every morning around 6 a.m., we can hear them out mowing or running other equipment up and down by the 9th green and fairway.

There are also some members who feel they have the right to run their golf carts right up to the greens, which I'm sure, adds to the maintenance expense.

It was my understanding that carts must be left on the pathway when by the greens.

Also, the course has to be losing business because they will not take credit or debit cards. It's a cash only operation, which does not benefit the Association.

While we were voting, we did see some things that concerned us. Their were cases where people who were basically blind who came in to vote.

One had a friend who came with her and marked her ballot for her. The election worker said they would not accept her vote.

After some discussion, the election workers decided that it would be ok if one of them marked her vote for her.

Also, one other person who had trouble seeing said she had marked her ballot wrong, and asked for a new one.

One last concern, when I asked about the actual vote count after the election, I was told it was not available (The counts were eventually posted on the Town Hall door, editor).

How could they know who won, if no vote count was available after the election?

In the future an outside party needs to do the vote counting, and not the election workers, plus they need outside observers for when the people are voting.

Jerry Wandell

King City

Barber urges members to get involved

The turn out at the polls here at King City Civic Association is the best ever seen.

With the amount of alerted members, and if you remove the low-renter participation from the numbers, I conclude about half of our owner-members voted in the KCCA elections.

This shows we are making great strides, and that over half of our members care and want forthright communication, and fiscal responsibility.

Some of the remaining non-voting members were waiting for mail-in ballots, new owners unaware of our process, and some that didn't understand the issues.

Probably then seventy-five percent care and need information.

I feel real good about the results considering I didn't have established clubs (about 300 members) to draw in constituents, the newspaper endorsement, or unsubstantiated statements and still obtained half to two thirds as many votes.

I conclude that people want clubs with a responsible budget.

It appeared that the Board of Directors weren't familiar with the Senate Bill 955 at the November Open Forum, yet the financials indicated that $7,000 for the reserve study had already been allocated for this.

My concern is that the reserve budget wasn't reworked knowing our members resistance to the funding as prepared with the severe lack of reserves.

They are capable of prioritizing according to SB 955, so hold them accountable to us as equal members of this corporation.

Don't let them intimidate you. They were elected to represent you. Don't let them break your spirit of involvement.

Let them know that you want a transparent association which includes fiscal responsibility, full reporting of both sides of issues, and the previous month's minutes and monthly income and expense statements in our newsletters.

As part of a transparent association, request detailed agendas of the upcoming board meetings to be posted one-week prior (rather than an outline) and open forums prior to passage of motions regarding issues that concern homeowner's amenities and rights.

Most importantly, keep involved until all our documents and procedures are adjusted.

Lynette Barber

King City

Apartment owners deserve same owner rights

Here are some items to be considered by those who want to change the voting provisions currently set forth in our King City Civic Association documents.

The real estate management firm which owns the apartments is an owner-member of the KCCA and has invested many millions of dollars in their KCCA rental units.

Thus, they are entitled to one vote for each residential unit owned in the same manner as individual home owners to protect their investment.

It is important to understand that they are permitted to vote only on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, special assessments, additions, dedications or transfer of KCCA property and matters which may create an encumbrance upon their property. Legal counsel should be consulted before any attempt is made to reduce or take away such voting rights.

Also, it is common practice among governmental entities to provide for the appointment of a replacement to serve for the remainder of the term of any elected official who vacates a position.

It would be too time consuming and expensive to require an election each time a KCCA Board vacancy occurs and would result in extended periods of time with one or more vacancies.

Ed Otte

King City

Says give credit where credit is due

Jane, not June, is the name of John Haley's wife. Your analogy of John Haley was about as far off the mark as your spelling. Those of us who have been on committees and worked with John recognized his knowledge, ability and concern for the welfare of King City.

Now if he was terminated for hiring a 'sticky wicket' for a handyman, that I can understand, but give credit where credit is due. John Haley did a good job for King City. Whatever the result of the administrative shakeup, my hat is off to Nancy O'Reilly for steering our ship through muddy waters without missing a step.

Faye Arrell

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