All clinic services but one to go to South Waterfront
by: Eric Norberg, Dr. Michael Monozzola, Chief Medical Officer of the OHSU Medical Group, and Suzanne Sullivan, representing OHSU hospitals and clinics, explained the changes coming to their Westmoreland clinic at the June 7th SMILE General Public Meeting in Sellwood.

On December 15, 2004, Dr. Laura Hanks, then Medical Director of the Westmoreland Oregon Health Sciences University Clinic, just north of QFC Market on S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, told the SMILE Board at its monthly meeting that budget cuts had led OHSU to decide to move the clinic's adult medical services to its headquarters on Marquam Hill.

The subsequent public outcry led the university to reconsider the move, and to keep all services intact at the clinic--but reserving the option of making changes later. May, 2006, turned out to be 'later'.

In a letter sent to patients in the last week of May, OHSU announced that Dr. Hanks was transferring to the Richmond clinic at S.E. 39th and Division, and that most of the staff and services at Westmoreland will be moving to the new 16-floor 'Center for Health and Healing'--under construction in the South Waterfront District, at the foot of the controversial tram, south of the west end of the Ross Island Bridge. The building should be done, and staff and services moved, by Thanksgiving.

The letter, signed by Michael Monozzola, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the OHSU Medical Group, and by Suzanne Sullivan, representing the OHSU hospitals and clinics, announced that the pediadric, internal medicine, and dermatology practices would be moving to the new South Waterfront facility. The nurse-midwifery practice will move to the new Peter O. Kohler Pavilion on Marquam Hill, and will do so before the end of summer.

Sullivan and Bonazzola appeared at the June General Public Meeting of SMILE, the neighborhood association for Sellwood and Westmoreland, and answered questions and responded to expressions of displeasure from some at the meeting. They said that the Westmoreland clinic would remain open; the 'child development resource facility' is currently the only service there now definitely scheduled to remain, but Sullivan said that other services are under consideration for a move to the clinic, space might be made available in the clinic for private practices, and OHSU is exploring the possibility of siting a pharmacy in the clinic, to meet an ongoing public demand for a drugstore in the Sellwood and Westmoreland area.

Local resources remaining nearby for OHSU clinic patients seeking equivalent care include the Sellwood Medical Clinic, 8332 S.E. 13th Avenue in Sellwood, and Providence Milwaukie Hospital. In addition, Providence has just opened a public physical rehabilitation clinic for all ages in the ground floor of the new Sacred Heart senior living center at S.E. Milwaukie Avenue and Center Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

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