Explosive device removed from Ardenwald School


Milwaukie Police Officer Kevin Krebs reports that on Friday, June 9, at 7:36 am, Milwaukie Police responded to a report of a possible unexploded pipe bomb on the grounds of Ardenwald Elementary School, in the area of S.E. 36th and S.E Floss.

Officers found a small explosive device, similar to an 'M80', on the grounds of the school. The device had been found and reported to police by a citizen who was using a metal detector on the school grounds.

The Portland Police Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) responded to the school, and removed the device without incident. It was taken to what the police judged was a safe location, where it was destroyed.

Krebs added, 'It was not determined who placed the device on the school grounds, why, or when. There were no reported injuries, and no one was in immediate danger.'