by: Eileen G. Fitzsimons, This craftsman-style house at 1606 S.E. Claybourne needs a new home, to avoid demolition.

An 83-year old craftsman-style house, located not far from the Sellwood Post Office in Westmoreland at the corner of S.E. 16th and Claybourne, will be moved instead of recycled, if a new lot can be obtained.

The first residents of the venerable house were a Mr. and Mrs. Formoso. From 1940 to the late 1980's, Harry and Isabel Ameele lived in the house--Mrs. Ameele remaining after her husband died in the mid-1980's.

According to builder Jim Morton, his plans for the announced redevelopment of the Wilhelm Funeral Home site requires clearance of the lots facing 16th between Claybourne and Glenwood Streets. Morton says that he would prefer to have the house moved and re-occupied, but he adds that finding a nearby lot sized 50x100 is a challenge.

Morton has approached an Eastmoreland resident who does own such a property just a half-block to the west, which would keep moving costs low. However, that owner has not yet made a decision.

If readers know of a 50x100 lot (the closer the better to S.E. 16th and Claybourne), call Mr. Morton, at Craftsman Builders: 503/636-1163.

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