The Hidden Sock opens on Milwaukie Avenue

by: Rita A. Leonard, At “The Hidden Sock” in Brooklyn, owner Liu “Jenny” Chin displays some of the vintage clothing she offers for sale.

A new vintage clothing store opened in the Brooklyn neighborhood, at 3543 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue in June. 'The Hidden Sock', owned and operated by Liu 'Jenny' Chen, offers clean used clothing for women, mostly in sizes 3-12. Chen also carries boots, shoes, and accessories such as purses, belts, jewelry and scarves.

This is Chen's first business venture, although she has prior experience in sales and customer service at Buffalo Exchange. The Hidden Sock is unusual; there are many home businesses operating in Inner Southeast Portland, but few if any are retail shops.

The new business is located in the large front rooms of Chen's home, with some items displayed outdoors during nice weather. In explanation of the quirky name, Chen says, 'Everybody has a missing sock, so this is where 'lost' clothing finds a home.'

The Hidden Sock is open daily from 10:30am till 8 pm. Chen specializes in reasonably- priced women's tops and good used jeans, including some name brands. 'I'll probably venture out into Men's clothing later on as I become established,' she says. 'I personally select and clean all items, and re-stock regularly.'

The Brooklyn neighborhood has been welcoming of this new vintage clothing outlet. Call 971/227-3437 for information. Yes, it's a local call; 971 is Portland's new 'second' area code, and it's the reason we dial the area code, either 503 or 971, as part of calling any local number.