New Brooklyn Park Pub offers expertise

by: Rita A. Leonard, Ryan Dewey, bourbon expert at the new Brooklyn Park Pub, shares ownership and bartending duties with his brother, Nathan, who is the beer expert.

What is now named for its location, Brooklyn Park Pub, opened under new management earlier this year at 3400 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue. Owners Ryan and Nathan Dewey tell THE BEE that they're excited about giving the neighborhood a friendly place to relax and meet other locals. 'We're a lot cleaner and safer for women now,' says Ryan. 'Nate and I have been talking about the 'Renaissance of the Corner Bar' for a couple of years, and we hope this will be an example.'

'We offer local ales; we have affordable but quality wines; and we stock over 60 whiskey selections,' he says. 'We also offer simple sandwiches and pub entrees, prepared well. We use high quality meat, and sauté our onions with bacon and wine…before simmering them in beer.'

And, they say, setting the new pub apart is also its expertise. While Ryan is the bourbon expert, Nathan's specialty is beer. 'There are so many great beers made in the northwest, and we want to try them all,' says Nathan. 'Four of our six taps change every week. Every time a keg kicks, we put a new beer on that line. We try to carry mostly northwest wines. Our Pinot Noir is made at Hip Chicks Do Wine, off Holgate Boulevard.'

The Brooklyn Park Pub offers all the TV sports packages from the former business, along with several unique features. There is low background music, and a shelf of books for the casual reader. 'Backgammon Mondays' draw a certain crowd, and a 'Cuss Cup' is fed with a quarter for each incident of bad language heard. 'We donate the money to 'Toys For Tots',' says Ryan. 'We've already raised $55.'

'We also support Powell Little League,' he adds. 'Each of our Burger Basket Specials donates $1 to the Powell Little League playing across the street at Brooklyn Park. We remember having our jerseys paid for by sponsors when we played as kids, so we want to help out in any way we can.'

The pub also offers a Whiskey Club card to frequent visitors. After purchasing 30 different whiskies, the holder earns a T-Shirt--and, says Ryan, by then has a highly developed palate. Nathan explains, 'Both Ryan and I knew a lot about whisky prior to opening, but we both learned a ton by finishing a Whisky Card ourselves. We call it the 'Whisky Institute of Higher Education.''

The Deweys serve beer that is mostly from Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. 'We want to support local brewers, and we're proud of the beer produced out here--it's just better beer,' says Nathan. 'We sell more of the craft Oregon beer than anything else. Brooklyn folks appreciate a good beer, and they keep coming in to see what's new on tap.'

The pub is open every day from 11 am until midnight; on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it stays open till 1 am. For information, call 503/234-7772.