Dont change our local (wonderful) adult center with community center


I really liked the citizen's view by Barbara Kelley of June 29 with the headline, 'Don't change the local library.'

We and so many older Lake Oswego residents agree completely with her. I'd like to have on my article the headline, also 'Don't change our local (wonderful) adult center.'

If you (the Lake Oswego mayor and manager) want to put a swimming pool, tennis courts and community center, etc., for the young citizens, put a branch library, too, at Safeco, but please do NOT replace our current adult community center. There could not be a nicer adult community center than the one we enjoy in Lake Oswego. I really agree with Jeanne Dickow in her good column about the Lake Oswego adult center being 'a home away from home' for so very many Lake Oswego (especially elderly) citizens. It suits so well where it is and the fine Lake Oswego Library, all located in the (First Addition). The inside is well kept and you feel so welcomed by the staff and our dear friends, Frank Sylvester as cashier, his daughter Rose Ann as the wonderful receptionist. Everything is so well organized. The meals are great. We do not need a bigger place! I bet if you would move it, there wouldn't be the charm and the wonderful attendance we now enjoy … and the costs would increase for us. Traveling there would be difficult and the feeling of 'neighborhood walking' would be lost.

I really do love Lake Oswego and I wish the 'rulers' would not spoil it by making it 'California-style.' We were so fortunate and blessed to buy our little farm on Greentree Road in 1974. We had three children and they were all able to play farmers with all kinds of animals. Greentree Road was graveled at that time, but a sign across the road on wooded property said '22 acres for sale by owner.' The developer that bought the acreage put 65 houses on that land. The city said,' Now we have to widen Greentree Road.' It was only us (the only private family) and Palisades School that were assessed with a LID, which we got deferred, but had to pay $28,000 a few years ago. I believe it was when we objected, we were told, the city could not afford to pay for it. Now they can pay $12 million for Safeco.

Of course, my main reason for writing this is to agree with last week's citizen view about keeping our Lake Oswego Library where it is - and trust that the great Lake Oswego adult center will also continue to be where it is in our deal, old town.

Yes, I'm Swedish, but I am also an American citizen. I married my husband, Vince, 45 years ago. We were living in Sweden. We have lived in Ethiopia, Zambia, Egypt and have traveled extensively, but flying from Seattle in a small place recently and seeing the rivers and mountains and our own Lake Oswego, we know this is a beautiful spot and a good place to have raised our children and this is where my heart is. I have met so many wonderful kind people.

I say 'God Bless America!' I hope all you dear people had a happy Fourth of July.

Lisa Lowenberg is a resident of Lake Oswego.