As a recent emigre' from the greater Portland region of Oregon and a 16 year resident of Lake Oswego, I read with satisfaction about the extraordinary bequest of Ellouise Minter in the June 16 Southwest Weekly edition of The Oregonian (and June 22 Lake Oswego Review).

I had the privilege to serve the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center alongside of Ellouise as a member of its Advisory Board and Foundation President. What I bring with me to Hershey, Pa. is the unique awareness that exceptional communities don't just happen; they become so because of the vision and generosity of exceptional citizens. There was not a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center Board or its foundation that did not feel challenged by the presence of Ellouise. She walked the walk; not just talked the talk. Her love of the community and its assets she made known.

We always suspected that her life's successes would be shared with the center after death. In Ellouise we discover the citizen character that elevates the ordinary community to the extraordianry. They never forget the source of those joys that made life worth living. May others in Lake Oswego follow in her footsteps.

Jerry Trageser

Hershey, Pa.

Thanks to all for participating in public health exercise

To the Editor:

On June 21, Clackamas County conducted a public health exercise to practice distribution of medication to a large number of our citizens, should we be faced with a major public health emergency. We would like to thank the community, the media, local jurisdictions, county staff and others who helped us with our exercise. A special thanks goes to Clackamas Community College, which hosted the event.

It is important for every citizen to plan for emergencies and understand what they can do before, during and after an event to safeguard themselves and their families. Nearly 400 people went through the exercise and it was a great opportunity for us to practice our response and for citizens to understand how the process works and what to expect.

We are blessed in this region with having a great working relationship among local and state governments. We work together collaboratively to plan for and respond to all emergencies, to the benefit of the citizens that live and work in our region. Again, thanks to all of you that helped conduct the exercise and to those that attended.

Dana Robinson

Director, Clackamas County Homeland Security

Gary DiCenzo

Director, Clackamas County Department of Human Services

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