Ways to make outdoor eating more enjoyable


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Have a happy and safe July Fourth. The following information is offered in the hope of making your life more fun and easier.

Remember our cream puff recipe? I have an even easier one for you today.

Call The Dessert Tray at 503-350-0881 and place an order for their 2 inch puffs for only 60 cents each. They are made from their own recipe and are filled with fresh whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. I love buying them by the dozen without filling and then filling them with chicken salad or tuna salad.

The shells must be ordered by the dozen. Give the baker two to three days notice. Buy the chicken or tuna salad from New Season's and fill the shells on site of the picnic or party to keep the shells firm. Each filled shell is perfect for one or two bites.

For dessert, fill with whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, pudding mix, or mascarpone with summer berries or Greek or Italian yogurt. (I get the yogurt at Trader Joe's.)

Remember to tell the bakery whether you want the whipped cream or empty shells.

Thanks to Angelica Bennett of The Dessert Tray, located at 11950 S.W. Broadway in Beaverton. This delightful assortment of sweets was founded in 1996; the retail store opened in 1999 and enjoys a superb reputation. Stop in to say hello and check out the wide variety of desserts. Enjoy the open kitchen. Order a slice of something heavenly and a cup of fresh coffee to enjoy in the intimate dining area.

All items are made from scratch using the finest ingredients. Be sure to place The Dessert Tray on your list of 'Good Places to Go.'

On to another subject: grilling burgers. Mix the meat gently and add a little crushed ice to the mixture before forming patties. This step keeps the end product moist and juicy. The leaner the cut of meat used, the drier the burger. Fat is needed. I always add a little freshly ground pork and turkey or chicken to the beef.

The author of 'Build a Better Burger' was in town last week, and I called every bookstore to get a copy of his book so I could review it for you. No one had even one copy. OOPS! I will review it as soon as I can find one to read.