YMCA Corner

A few of months ago I wrote about a remarkable woman who had regained her mobility in the swimming pool at the Y. Jan Danylchuck never stopped praising her husband Bernie for the loving support he gives her in her recovery. This month I want to tell you Bernie's story.

Bernie is a diabetic who happens to be a chef and knows all kinds of things about healthy cooking. All the healthy cooking he did still didn't get his blood sugar numbers down to the level that he and his doctor wanted to see. He tried working out in the pool and it just didn't float his boat; instead, he decided to check out the 12-week Personal Fitness Program. Bernie is the type of person to take on something and be loyal to it; he loves challenges. He decided to follow the program and do exactly as his personal instructor told him to do. In effect he decided to do his own personal controlled study and find out just how beneficial exercise could be for controlling his diabetes.

Because he and Jan eat such healthy foods, he didn't change his diet at all. He already knew that the way he ate caused his blood sugar levels to be steady at 135 for his morning fasting sugar level. He had been very consistent with that, but when he introduced the exercise, something happened. His fasting blood sugar level started going down. After 12 weeks his morning fasting sugar level was down to 95, holding steady, and he was feeling better. The effects of the exercise helped drop his cholesterol level too. He's convinced that the best thing that ever happened to him was the 12-week Program. He's sold on exercise and is now on his own and still doing it.

He admits that he needed to make the commitment to stick with it and follow the program exactly as it was presented. At first it was an experiment and the results proved it to him. He says that you can't play games with it or make excuses. 'It has to be fun,' he said, 'I was looking forward to going. I've recommended the program to others.'

The Personal Fitness Program is free to all facility members over the age of 14. If you are interested, you may sign up for the initial orientation at the front desk. If you're interested in finding out how exercise can be beneficial to your life, we'll be happy to get you signed up and into the program. Are you ready for your own controlled study?

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