Hanging in there pays off for OSU

Congratulations, one more time, to that plucky bunch from Oregon State for bringing home the national collegiate baseball championship…

Proof positive, if you had any doubts, that if you hang in there long enough, even when things don't go your way, sooner or later something good will happen - and this time, boy did it ever. … No wonder then that the entire state - and not just those who, as one OSU alum put it, have been 'wandering in the orange wilderness' for all these years - has taken them to heart. … My only question: How come no city official - not the mayor or anyone on the council - was there at the Pioneer Courthouse Square rally Tuesday to welcome them on behalf of the Rose City? … Seems like a breach of etiquette - or at the very least, bad political judgment. I mean, most politicians would give their throwing arm just to be associated with such a great moment. … Mayor Tom Potter's office says he was in San Francisco for a design conference, and I'm sure the other commissioners had equally airtight excuses.

• • •

Jon Farmer, the cracked genius who brought us 'Jail Blazer Jam' and 'Tonya Hot Sauce,' touched down briefly at PDX, en route from Hawaii, where he currently is making a bundle selling $20 Haute Dogs to tourists. 'They're going like hot cakes,' says Jon, who obviously doesn't mind mixing a metaphor or two. … But if you think that's something, last week Jon moved into eBay, offering lucky buyers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to 'Name your weenie.'… For a mere $5,000, you can have a hot dog in Hawaii named after you for one year. So far, says Jon, he's already sold two of 'em. Always nice when a local boy makes good. … Pick any place in P-town to film a glamorous car commercial, and you might not come up with Hawthorne Boulevard and 34th. But that's where international joke writer Bill McDonald saw them last Sunday morning at 7 a.m. when he was out getting his coffee fix. … Keep your eyes peeled for a Honda commercial starring your favorite city.

• • •

Don't know why some people are so skittish about having a casino here. It's actually a Portland tradition. … When Gus Solomon, the guy whose name is emblazoned on the federal courthouse downtown, was still in private practice, he and eventual city boss Ray Kell, protected the interests of local gambling czar Al Winter. … And if you don't believe me, read about it in Harry Stein's new book, 'Gus J. Solomon: Liberal Politics, Jews, and the Federal Courts.' … It's Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival weekend in P-town - and if you didn't catch them last year, don't miss the Ray Charles Tribute Band this Saturday afternoon at 4:45. … Twenty or so of Portland's best blues, jazz, rock and funk musicians ripping it up again down by the river. The only difference is that this time they'll have a CD for sale. … And finally, a naked bike update: The case of the Rev. Phil Sano, charged with disorderly conduct in the course of the World Naked Bike Ride earlier this month, is scheduled for a court date July 11. … Lawyer Stu Sugarman says he has witnesses who will testify that the woman driving the car with which Phil came into contact - the cops say Phil hit the car, Phil says it was the other way around - had too much to drink. … We'll just have to wait to see what her off-duty cop passenger has to say about that.

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