The Prescription

I have on the shelf of my medicine cabinet a bottle of medicine I had filled several months ago and it didn't do me a bit of good. I was suffering from an intensifying pain that neither doctor nor dentist could pinpoint. The dentist said it wasn't the teeth, the doctor said it wasn't the ear, yet the pain continued. My dentist finally prescribed amoxicillin, but it didn't do any good, and I know why. You see, I had the order filled, but I have never opened to bottle. Now, don't quickly decide that I'm crazy and stop reading before you get to my point. I do have an excuse. My dentist also gave me a powerful mouth antiseptic to try first, with orders that if that didn't help within a couple days I was to start on the pills. I was leaving the country for two weeks and he wanted me covered just in case. I write about this because it illustrates a point that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

We are all suffering from the disease of sin, but God has given us just what we need to counter the problem. The antibiotic is in 'His Word' the Bible. I'm sure there is one in your house, but have you opened it lately? Just like my bottle of amoxicillin, if you don't open it and get your daily dose, it's not going to do you a bit of good. Also, you need to chew on it for yourself. It may be nice to hear a preacher or a Bible teacher break things down, but if you want to get the full strength, and that's what you need, you must to read it and understand it for yourself.

You need to let the Bible speak for itself. Learn to understand every verse within the context of the full story. That's the way it is with everything we hear. As we were traveling a few days ago my wife told me that she was hot. I told her that I had known that for years. Were we talking about the same thing? You know what she was saying and so did I so I turned on the air conditioning. The context was obvious. It works that way for the Bible too. The more time we spend with it the more we see how it explains itself, for with even those confusing sections, in almost every case an incident or a point of theology is presented more than once, and many times by more than one writer. The Bible means what it says. Unfortunately a lot of people read the Bible to find support for what they believe they already know. This greatly reduces its effectiveness.

Something else I find important is to pray before I open my Bible. God is the author. It was penned by those He inspired, and though they chose how to say it, the message is from God. We have the privilege of talking with the author and asking for the same Spirit that moved the prophets to also move us, to give us understanding and inspire us with the insights He wants us to understand. And God answers prayers!

My amoxicillin bottle says to take one capsule by mouth every 8 hours until gone. Following the schedule is important. So it is with the Word of God. Even reading your Bible just a minimum of fifteen minutes a day you will begin to see positive changes. Guaranteed.

The Bible can be trusted. Do not be sidetracked by those who would cause you to doubt it. Open it and experience the power.

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