Support the Mountain Festival


This weekend it seems as if the whole world will be coming to our small town for the annual Sandy Mountain Festival. We Sandians take advantage of this special time every year to show our neighbors from around the Portland area just what makes our community so unique and why we love living here.

Let's not forget that this festival was originally intended for us - the locals who live here. If you have never attended this festival, or haven't for a while, we hope you'll consider coming out to really enjoy - for this special weekend - the joys of this community.

And if you do come, we especially encourage you to help out the great civic organizations that exist in our town - the Sandy FFA/4H, the Kiwanis, the Optimists, the Friends of the Sandy Library (we could go on and on) - by supporting their various fund-raisers. Whether you purchase lunch from one of the many charity food booths at the Mountain Festival or you visit the Book Sale or the Buyer's Pool Sale this weekend, you're making a difference in the lives of your neighbors while having fun. It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to give to the community.