Development defines OMalleys legacy at Pacific

LEAVING x Vice president led university's funds drive, efforts to connect with Forest Grove
by: Chase Allgood, Tim O’Malley, Pacific’s vice president of University Relations, is leaving in mid-July.

An important chapter of Tim O'Malley's life is soon coming to end. After working for nine years as Pacific University's Vice President of University Relations, he will be leaving in July to take on new challenges as Vice President of the University of San Diego.

O'Malley insists he was perfectly content with his job at Pacific, and wasn't looking to move. However, when he heard in April that USD was looking to fill the position, he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

'This all came about - from the beginning that I asked the question until I was offered the job - in five weeks,' he said. 'I consider the opportunity to work at Pacific to be a real privilege.

'Given that I wasn't looking to leave Pacific, it might just as easily have been that I would be here indefinitely.'

O'Malley is excited about the move for several reasons: the fact that USD is a Catholic institution coincides with his personal beliefs, and imbues him with a sense of greater purpose, he noted.

Also, the university is much larger than Pacific, which O'Malley views as 'an incremental stretch' for his career.

However, with the opportunity comes a loss for O'Malley, Pacific, and Forest Grove. The town and the university will lose a valuable asset to the community, and he will lose the easygoing, familiar small-town atmosphere he's grown comfortable with.

'He will be missed at the university, not just for his professional efforts, but also personally,' said Linda Saari, Pacific's Director of Public Affairs. 'He's just a very nice guy.'

Saari said O'Malley fostered more interaction between the university and the surrounding community. By improv-

ing public access to university events and getting the university involved in the civic life of Forest Grove, under O'Malley's leadership Pacific has sought to dispel notions of itself as an insular entity.

'We're a mini-community within Forest Grove, but we're also part of Forest Grove,' Saari noted.

Much as O'Malley has left an imprint on Pacific University and Forest Grove, the communities have had an impact on him as well.

'I hear a lot of people thanking me for everything I've done for Pacific. It's done a great deal for me too,' he said.