Today my wife and I decided to drive through Old Town Sherwood to view the improvements that have been made.

Our daughter and her husband and family moved to Sherwood late last summer and we had not been to Old Town.

We were so impressed with the improvements - most notably the striking dark blue streetlights. Sherwood is to be justifiably complimented on those. As visitors to that part of Sherwood today we were so impressed with them and know that all people visiting Sherwood will be. They are very distinctive, very attractive and very unique. That is what makes them so great.

Our daughter has told us some of the controversy surrounding the streetlights and the argument between having blue light posts and having black light posts. Sherwood will be doing itself a great disservice if city officials decide to change them to black. The way they are now sets them apart - and Sherwood, too.

It is really too bad that the money, time and efforts that have been spent on this argument have not been put to better use. There are so many more problems and concerns that people could devote themselves to. Just look in the newspaper on any given day and one could find several worthwhile causes to devote their energies to.

I hope the officials in Sherwood have the foresight and vision to know that you have something very distinctive and beautiful in the existing streetlights.

We would tell people to visit Sherwood and see the improvements - including the existing streetlights - but not if they were redone to basic black. How mundane.

Someone had the excellent foresight to visualize the existing streetlights before they were installed. Perhaps more people need to share that individual's foresight and move on to more important projects.

Mr. and Mrs. LARRY DAW


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