New turf fields feature special monofilament


When the new artificial turf fields at Southridge and Westview high schools are completed (see the accompanying story) this fall, their stadium fields will be special for more reasons than one.

In addition to ridding themselves of their occasionally sloppy football and soccer fields, Westview and Southridge will also benefit from the newest product offered by FieldTurf International.

According to Southridge Athletic Director Bryan Sorenson and Westview AD Mike Sanderson, the new surfaces at each of their schools will be the best yet offered by FieldTurf, one of the industry leaders in artificial turf field construction and installation.

Sorenson explained that the new 'rug' at Southridge and Westview will feature a special monofilament fiber that 'looks real similar to natural grass. Each blade has its own backbone that allows some blades to stand up and others to lay down,' he said. 'And the surface will play more like grass because of those fibers.'

'The new blade (FieldTurf) has is freestanding. Each (blade) has its own spine,' Sanderson said. 'Half of them stand straight up and half of them lay over to help hold the (fill material) in place.'