Following an order from the state Legislature, the Oregon State Police are placing information on sexual predators on an Internet Web site, which can be seen at Note: The letters 'www' do not precede this address.

The Web site gives detailed information on each of the 700 predatory or sexually violent and dangerous offenders in the state, and became available to view last Thursday afternoon.

By Friday morning (June 30), the Web site had about 1.2 million page hits.

The site, which is also available through a link on the OSP Web site at, provides information about each offender's name, address, physical description and conditions of release as well as makes a photo available.

While he said he considers the new Web site a breakthrough, Gov. Ted Kulongoski says only a handful of the actual number of offenders are on the site.

'It is important to remember that most sexual offenders have never been convicted, and are therefore not in this database,' said Kulongoski in a press release. 'This is why it is imperative for parents to be ever vigilant of our children and with whom they associate.'

Not all sex offenders are classified as predatory, so not every person who has been convicted of a sexual offense will be listed on the Web site, according to Jerry Krummel, (R-Wilsonville), a sponsor of the legislative effort.

'Hopefully, this will give parents one more tool to help protect their children,' Krummel said in a press release.

This new Web site also has a link to the National Sex Offender Public Registry at

A list of all registered sex offenders can be obtained by calling the Oregon State Police at 503-378-3725, Ext. 4429, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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