Patrols hand out hefty fines on river

Complaints about illegal activities draw deputies

TROUTDALE - In response to numerous complaints by local residents about illegal activities taking place at Dabney State Park, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office increased patrols along the Sandy River last weekend.

The extra patrols were designed to increase the safety and security of residents and visitors, educate visitors about new and existing regulations and promote safe water practices.

In the three-day period between Saturday, July 1, and Monday, July 3, sheriff's deputies made contact with approximately 300 citizens.

'When you have a dedicated patrol, you have the ability to do something about (the problems in the area),' said Lt. Jason Gates, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office spokesman. 'Whereas, when we have our one deputy that services that area on regular patrol, they have everything east of the Sandy River all the way to Cascade Locks.'

In addition to enforcing the new no alcohol, no dogs and no parking rules at Dabney State Park, deputies cited a number of people engaging in other illegal activities along the river.

Sheriff's deputies cited four people for jumping off the Troutdale Bridge, an activity that can be extremely dangerous. These individuals will have to pay a $427 fine and were banned from Glenn Otto Park for one year.

Deputies also arrested one person on a warrant and another on a possession of a controlled substance charge for having meth.

In addition, deputies cited two people for being minors in possession of alcohol, a charge that comes with a $242 fine, and took one person into custody on a civil hold due to that person's level of intoxication.

'What's good about … having the deputies' presence down there is people seeing others involved in illegal activity being cited or getting arrested,' Gates said.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is working with other agencies, including the Oregon State Parks Department, to find funding to continue the increased patrols at Dabney State Park, Gates said.