Since the Lake Oswego City Council purchased the Safeco property, building a new library has come in the forefront for use of the Safeco building. This implies that the present library will be closed down.

Before a firm decision is made, other options for expanding the library need to be evaluated. The proposition of building a new library, rather than a branch, is based on a consultant' study in 1995. This study is out of date. Times and technology have changed since then.

I'm sure many library members do most of their library (work) online and make their book reservations online as my wife and I do. I just go to the library to pick up or return our books. With the majority of people in Lake Oswego using computers for much of their personal activities, branch libraries become a practical, inexpensive option to building a new library to replace the existing library. It would also maintain the integrity of the downtown center for Lake Oswego.

I could visualize small offices located in several areas around town, about the size of the Boutique in the Mercantile Center, staffed by about two people to loan out the books with a drop-off box for returns. Books could be sent and picked up by the volunteers who now pick up the books from existing drop-off boxes. This would eliminate the need for a major capital expense.

Finally it will save library patrons some driving and help parking at main library and contribute to the city's overall conservation effort.

Edwin Srebnik

Past Library Advisory Committee Chair

Lake Oswego

Lions Club say thanks for support

The Lake Oswego Lions Club would like to thank the Lake Oswego community for making this year's Fourth of July pancake breakfast one of the best ever. This year over 2,800 enjoyed a hearty breakfast while visiting with neighbors and making new friends. The weather was perfect, the music delightful and the crowd was gracious while waiting in line. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Special thanks go out to Wizer's Foods, Alpenrose Dairy, Starbucks Coffee, Glenmore Farms, Flav-R-Pac, Kobo's Coffee, Christine and Bob's Pancake Flour and Lakeridge Summer Baseball. Without their support, this year's event would not have been possible.

The money raised on the Fourth will help local charities such as the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, Boy and Girl Scouts of America and Salvation Army's drive for back to school supplies. Donations will also be made to Lions International, Oregon Sight and Hearing, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Gales Creek Camp for diabetic children, Clackamas Women's Shelter and Special Olympics.

For those interested in learning more about the Lake Oswego Lions, we meet at the Oswego Heritage house on Wednesdays at noon. If you would like to help serve at the next pancake breakfast, please call Susan Headlee at 503-635-6373.

Our motto is 'We Serve' and are delighted to be a part of such a caring community.

Tom Domian


Lake Oswego Lions Club

Walking to library is an important part of LO life

As a 39-year resident of Lake Oswego, I want to say how much I have always loved living in a place where I can walk to everything.

My favorite and most frequent destination is the Lake Oswego Library. With all the talk of a possible new library at the Safeco site, I can only hope that this does not mean shutting down our wonderful neighborhood library. I am certain that there are hundreds of people like me for whom the ability to walk to a library is one of the most positive aspects of the area we live in.

Carol Radich

Lake Oswego

Tax dollars being spent on community center vote

The July 7, 2006, issue of The Oregonian featured an article indicating the Lake Oswego City Council approved an additional expenditure to BOORA Architects of some $94,000 to, among other things, 'help communicating with the public through meetings, community briefings, a Web site and newsletters.' (I failed to note this item in the July 6 issue of the Review.)

In essence, the Lake Oswego City Council is retaining a firm, utilizing our tax dollars, to convince us to vote for a bond issue supporting a community center on the recently acquired Safeco property. Many years ago a local contractor commented to me, 'what the city wants, the city gets.'

Welcome to your new community center!

Morris P. McElwee

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The decision you are referring to regarding BOORA Architects came up at last Wednesday evening's Lake Oswego City Council meeting - four hours after our weekly deadline. Coverage of the meeting is included in today's Lake Oswego Review.

Many businesses helped with Lions barbecue

The Lake Grove Lions Club thanks and acknowledges the

following businesses for their contributions to our July Fourth chicken barbecue fundraiser.

They made it a great event!

Supporters include:

Banner Bank, Lake Oswego; Wells Fargo Bank; Volcro Hair Salon of Lake Oswego; Les Schwab, Pepsi Cola; Shipping House of Lake Grove; Safeway stores of Lake Grove and Lake Oswego; McDonald's Restaurant of Wilsonville; Rite Aid of Lake Grove; Wal-Mart of Woodburn; Costco of Tigard; Fred Meyer of Tualatin; Peet's Coffee of Lake Oswego; Long's; Winco Foods; Taco Bell of Lake Oswego; Round Table Pizza; Ace Hardware of Lake Grove; Albertsons of Lake Grove and Lake Oswego; Lamb's Palisades Market; Gubanc's Restaurant; Trader Joes; GI Joes; Olive Garden; New Season's Market of Mountain Park; Home Depot; and Wild Oats market of Bridgeport Village.

Larry Levy

Lake Grove Lions Club

Lake Grove

All these costs keep adding up in city

As regards the activities of our city council: A year or so ago, the city council's theme seemed to be that Lake Oswego needed affordable housing, but that passing fancy seemed to go by the wayside as the clarion call shifted to the vital need to buy the Safeco property. The agreed upon price was $20 million, but to renovate the property, according to reports, could cost another $40 to 65 million. The homeowners, through a property tax, are expected to pick up this burden.

Then came the sewer project with its desperate need of repairs - cost $65 million. This revelation was presented to the public conveniently after the Safeco purchase. Well, that's a guesstimate; Remember the remodeling of Lakeridge High School? I wouldn't count on the $65 million being the final cost. There goes your affordable housing.

Now, the dog park at Luscher farms will be transformed into soccer fields. Where will all these people park? Obviously, this will add to the traffic woes on Stafford Road. If you think the housing project for senior citizens would have caused congestion, what about the soccer fields?

Leo Pothetes

Lake Oswego

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