A new wing at Aloha High School features amenities lacking in the building's original design - lots of light complements of added windows and skylights.

Construction on the two-story south wing, which will contain nine classrooms on each floor, is continuing at a steady clip.

'They're planning on being open this fall,' said Jerry Green, Beaverton School District administrator for facilities, operations and construction.

The cost of the project is estimated at $12.9 million.

A recent tour of the building addition reveals 900-square-foot classrooms with numerous windows. The second floor includes elevated clear windows to let in additional light and six skylights are located throughout.

The school's cafeteria was remodeled last year and the former open, outside courtyard is now enclosed, creating a commons area. Twelve hanging chandelier-type lights and a green and white tiled floor accent that area.

Dick Heuberger, project superintendent for Emerick Construction Co., the project contractor, said that most of the school would face some type of renovation work.

'One of the major things we're doing is a main water line replacement,' he said.

As part of that project, work crews are replacing the school's old galvanized piping - pipes that have a tendency to rust and dispense discolored water - with copper fixtures.

95 percent complete

Meanwhile, work is continuing on repaving the entire student lot that runs along 185th Avenue. The staff parking lot along Kinnaman Road was completed last year. Once the student lot is completed, the entire parking complex will have doubled, said Heuberger. That means 571 standard parking spaces, 13 carpool slots, 10 standard handicap spaces and two spots that can accommodate wheelchair vans.

Also, two new science classrooms are under construction and most likely will be completed by mid-September. Other upgrades include a new computer room with the capacity to hold 40 computers and a slightly expanded library with new carpeting.

Contractors for the district are busy with other projects as well.

Among them will be the opening of the new $15.5 million Aloha-Huber Park School.

'They're actually about 95 percent complete,' said Jerry Green, administrator for facilities, operations and construction. 'We're hoping they're going to turn the whole building over to us the first of August.'

More projects

In another major construction project, the former Aloha Park Elementary School is undergoing second-phase renovation to house the new International School of Beaverton. The first phase, completed in the spring, included construction of a new office, cafeteria and kitchen.

Now renovation of the main building is under way with construction to remodel the cafeteria in order to hold several classrooms, said Green.

In addition, a modular classroom to the south of the main building is being renovated to accommodate science classrooms.

Total cost of both phases is estimated at $8.95 million.

In addition, two classrooms in the main building will soon be transformed into an instrumental music classroom and a vocal music classroom.

Green said plans are to have the majority of the second phase completed by Sept. 1.

Other summer projects include:

n Heating, ventilation and air conditioning work at Montclair and Oak Hills elementary schools.

n Upgrading of kitchens and floor replacement at Greenway and Hiteon elementary schools.

n Repairing construction defects at Southridge High School. Those include fixing leaking windows, doorframes and the stucco siding on the school, which opened in 1999.

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