Sewage leak closes Fanno Trail

Leak discovered near Southwest Portland repair project

Sewage began leaking Friday near a recently replaced section of a Southwest Portland sewer line, forcing the city of Portland to close a section of the Fanno Trail.

The trail was closed Saturday near the Portland Golf Club while the city Bureau of Environmental Services investigates the source of a sewage. Some sewage may also have leaked into Fanno Creek near Southwest 86th Avenue. As a precaution, the public should avoid contact with Fanno Creek downstream of Southwest 86th Avenue for the rest of this weekend, the bureau says.

According to the bureau, a trail user reported water seeping from the ground on the Fanno Trail near Southwest 82nd Avenue on Friday morning. City maintenance crews collected water samples to test for bacteria. The city received test results Saturday and the samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria, which indicates the presence of sewage.

The city recently completed replacing the Garden Home section of the Fanno Pressure Sewer under the Fanno Trail. The pressure sewer connects to the Fanno Pump Station at the end of Southwest 86th Avenue. The city shut down the pump station Saturday, which stopped water seeping from the ground.

The city's contractor began excavating the site of the leak to expose the pressure sewer and find the cause of the leak Saturday. Meanwhile, the Fanno Trail was closed between Southwest 86th and 82nd avenues.