Bounty on coyotes suggested

While we are pouring all the resources and attention we can into building 'a better bird sanctuary' in Sherwood, we are neglecting to realize that we are almost in a crisis mode in regard to the increasing coyote population.

I lost my sweet little kitty friend this month, right near my home next to a small wooded area overlooking Cedar Creek. I did not see it happen, thankfully, but my neighbor heard the screams of my helpless little friend, who was doing her daily vigil hunting for field mice in broad daylight.

So, it is no longer safe to just keep your pets in at night.

She was a beautiful female Himalayan kitty, only a tender age of 2 years and my special friend since I lost my husband.

I read the account of the other cats being lost to coyotes in Sherwood and have heard of several other missing cats in or near town, while I searched for mine. It seems to me the 'city fathers' should begin to do something about this recurring problem before it gets totally out of hand and we lose a child, or a human gets bitten by a rabid coyote.

I understand why it is happening because of all the development of land which was once the coyote habitat, but it is not good to exceed in one area and cause trouble in another while doing it.

At the very least we should possibly place a bounty on coyotes for now, and thin them out as we are doing to the land.



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