Schools head gets raise, three year contract


West Linn-Wilsonville School District Superintendent Roger Woehl has been given a raise and at least three more years of employment.

His salary has been increased to $125,000, and he will be given a flat-rate expense account of $674 a month. He also receives the usual fringe benefits such as health insurance. Woehl also will receive additional annual payments, beginning June 30, 2007, as incentive to remain in his position until 2011, his projected retirement year. Woehl will be given incentive pay of $10,000 each of the next four years and then an additional $30,000 in 2011.

The annual superintendent's evaluation, which by design includes the entire administrative team, is a comprehensive look at his performance in nine categories, and all board members participate.

Among the areas where he got high marks were leadership, management of the administrative team and the district's emphasis on character education. Also getting notice were curriculum development and the district's response to the board's goals.

Needing more attention, according to board comments, was the district's continuing reaction to

Title IX equity issues that have been plaguing the district for several years. Also on that list was the question of whether the district is using its vast array of technology hardware and software at an optimum level.

The board voted unanimously Monday night to renew Woehl's contract.

Board Chair Mary Furrow was the only board member who spoke about Woehl at Monday's regular meeting.

'Given the fact that there have been so many changes in our budget revenues,' she said, 'I think it's remarkable that (Woehl) has been able to hold onto (educational) programs.'

After the meeting, Board Vice-Chair Dale Hoogestraat commented on Woehl's work.

'Roger did an excellent job of handling the land sale,' said Hoogestraat. 'There were no real big problems or incidents this past year, and the incidents that occurred were handled very well.'

The administrative team was a bit short-handed, Hoogestraat said, with the transfer of Deputy Superintendent Mike Tannenbaum to the charter school in Wilsonville.

'But Roger stepped up and moved into some of those roles, Hoogestraat said, 'and we're excited about (assistant superintendent) Thayne Balzer coming on to provide more manpower and leadership.'

Acknowledging that the year went well, Hoogestraat said the district continues to emphasize quality education programs, and even with inadequate state funding Woehl has maintained all staff positions and existing programs.

'It's nice to work on things that are already good in order to make them better - rather than having to fix significant problems,' he said.

Woehl kept his comments simple.

'It was a nice year,' Woehl said last week. 'It was a good school year.'

Woehl leads a seven-member administrative team and 440 certified professional staff members who teach and counsel nearly 8,000 students in 12 schools in two cities. The district also sponsors two charter schools.