Stumptown Stumper

by: L.E. Baskow, Javon Rucker, 3, runs through the Salmon Street Springs Fountain on a particularly hot day in Portland — but not as hot as in 1965.

Every Friday in Stumptown Stumper, the Portland Tribune offers a trivia question and answer that helps you boost your Rose City IQ.

Q: What was Portland's hottest day on record, and how hot was it?

A: The hottest day was back in July 30, 1965, when the mercury rose to 107 degrees at Portland International Airport, says George Taylor, state climatologist.

The blazing heat in the past few weeks, though, did break a few daily records - 101 degrees on June 25 and 102 degrees on June 26.

Often, the heat index - the measure of how hot it feels - is lower than the actual temperature because of the lack of humidity in the air.

'When it's dry, it feels cool because water evaporates from your body, and it's the evaporation that cools us,' Taylor says. 'I'm glad when it's a dry heat. It's much more comfortable.'

And how does Oregon fare as a state? The state's hottest day on record was 119 degrees, set in Prineville and Pendleton in 1898. Taylor says Portland is generally cooler than other parts of the state, especially Medford and Eastern Oregon. 'We're pretty spoiled here,' he says.

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