Gridiron godsends set table for great Concours

As a couple of guys who have seen a number of Concours d'Elegance come and go in Forest Grove, we have been impressed by the good work that Rotary of Forest Grove has done with the proceeds raised from this event through the years. This has truly been an event where many people give back to the community.

But it is not only Rotary that works on this. Not by a long shot. The volunteers who come from every corner of Forest Grove, and from outside our community, have also contributed in no small way to the success of this event.

We want to take this space to thank one particular group of volunteers. Every year, the members of the Forest Grove Viking football team make themselves available to set up tables and chairs around Pacific University's campus.

And then on Sunday night, they help return those same tables and chairs to the spots from whence they came. That is no small task. Twenty years ago, when we were younger (duh!), it didn't seem to be such a daunting task.

But as the years have advance and hairlines have receded, the help of these fine young men has become more and more of a godsend. And they also help with putting up and taking down that particularly ghastly orange fence.

We would be remiss if we didn't thank the Vikings for their 'Service Above Self.' We would also remind everyone in Forest Grove that on Friday night, Sept. 9, the Vikings open their 2006 football season with a game at Hendricks Stadium against the Hood River Valley Eagles. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. and one way we can show our thanks to this team is to show up for that game.

Again thanks for all the work and remember, above all, Go, Vikings!

Mike Hundley

Pete Truax

Rotary Club of Forest Grove

Market can use some extra promotion

I stopped over at the Forest Grove Farmers Market at its new location. I found the new location downtown to be more comfortable and inviting.

However, I also walked around the downtown area and was disappointed. Very few of the business windows had a flyer advertising the new location of the market to downtown. A large percentage of those having flyers stated the old address. What gives?

Doesn't the Farmers Market need all the advertising it can get? Don't the downtown businesses need the additional traffic?

I hope both parties join hands to help each other!

Ed Nigbor

Forest Grove

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