Predicted triple-digit temperatures prompted the Oregon Department of Forestry to tighten fire restrictions today in several areas, including the Forest Grove fire protection district.

The regulations imposes restrictions on the following activities in the private and public forests protected by the Department of Forestry:

•Campfires and cooking fires are regulated.

•Motorized vehicles are confined to improved roads. Equipment to put out a fire, such as water, fire extinguisher and shovel, must be carried.

•Fireworks are prohibited.

•Smoking is regulated.

•Use of chainsaws is prohibited or limited to certain hours.

•Mowing of dry grass is limited to certain hours.

For more information call 503-357-2191

Since the regulated-use rules apply to rural residents as well as recreationists within department fire protection district boundaries, the following activities are also regulated:

* Welding and arc/torch cutting is prohibited.

* Grinding of metal is prohibited.

While residents of western Oregon have enjoyed green conditions later than normal this summer, that is about to change, according to Western Lane District Forester Rick Rogers.

"We're looking at extreme fire weather this weekend, with 100-degree temperatures that will dry out the grasses in a hurry," he said. "A fire will spread rapidly under these conditions."

Regulated-use restrictions may vary slightly from district to district. Contact the local Oregon Department of Forestry office for the rules in your area.

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