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Just for today — would that really be so difficult?


Just for today ...

I want to stay in bed, watch Diane Keaton movies, play Angry Birds over and over and start one of the many books I can never find time to read. I want to nap when the mood strikes and not have anyone call my name, wonder where I am or shout for toilet paper.Julie McGuire

Just for today ...

I want to ignore the grocery list that has been taped to my pantry door for a week, the expired milk in the fridge and the fact that my son’s school lunch today consisted of a jelly sandwich on a hot dog roll, potato chip crumbs, a handful of maraschino cherries (Would that qualify as a fruit?) and carrot sticks that bend. I want the world to know that if you think his lunch was bad, wait until you see dinner.

Just for today ...

I want my phone to stop ringing, the texts to stop buzzing and the emails to stop coming from people asking me for anything that even remotely requires any bit of energy. I don’t want to look for my checkbook, check my calendar, verify the last four digits of my Social Security number and absolutely not take a brief moment to help you with your survey.

Just for today ...

I want the faucet to stop dripping on its own, the dishwasher to empty itself, the clothes to be miraculously folded and put away in the correct closet and my bills returned to me with a kind note that says, “Thanks, but this month is on us. Sincerely, your mortgage company.” I want to walk around my house and maybe, just maybe, find a room that doesn’t look like Hurricane Sandy stopped by here before heading to the East Coast. I want the leaves from the entire neighborhood to stop falling in my front yard and the bag of spring bulbs I bought more than two months ago to cease begging for my attention whenever I walk outside. Who wants to dig freezing soil anyway? 

Just for today ...

I want to hear more “thank you,” “have a good day” and some sort of acknowledgment that when I let you take the parking spot that I have been waiting for, you will at least give me a friendly wave and maybe even a little nod. I want cars to stop honking (I really didn’t see you!), the light to stay green when I’m running late for an appointment and the person in front of me in the express lane to really have 15 items or less. I want my prescription ready when it’s supposed to be and the cable guy to show up within the first 10 minutes of his four-hour window.

Just for today ...

I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m not trying to find the silver lining nor am I searching for one of Oprah’s “aha” moments. Nope. Tonight, when my family asks me, “What’s for dinner,” I will point to the stove and say, “Whatever you are making. And you will be sleeping with dirty dishes if you don’t put them in the dishwasher.” Then I will turn back to my Netflix, watch “Something’s Gotta Give” for the umpteenth time and make it a point that tomorrow, I will go to the grocery store, make my child a proper meal and feel better. Just not today.

Julie McGuire is a busy Lake Oswego mother of three children, a freelance writer and a monthly columnist for the Lake Oswego Review. When she’s not playing chauffer, she writes a blog, “From the Mudroom,” at fromthemudroom.com.

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