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Just one thing left to do — vote


For months volunteers from throughout our community have been working towardsMonroe a common goal: the renewal of our school levy.    

  • You have seen the signs, the newspaper and Facebook ads.
  • You have heard the Pandora Radio ads, the speeches and the discussions.
  • You have read the Lake Oswego Review editorial endorsement, the article, the countless letters of support and the informational brochures sent in the mail.
  • You have noticed the broad support from all corners of the community and the nine separate voters pamphlet support arguments. From Realtors, from the business community, from local political action committees that represent a variety of viewpoints, from all of our city council members and from parents and students.
  • You were visited by volunteer walkers delivering information about the school levy renewal. 
  • You have noticed there has been literally no opposition. 
  • You appreciate that this is not a new tax, it is simply a renewal at the same tax rate we are currently paying.
  • You understand that the school levy represents more than 10 percent of our school district budget and that without this critical funding, we would be forced to deal with devastating cuts to staffing and programs. 
  • You know that our strong schools are among the best in the state and are linked to our high property values.
  • You know it’s important.
  • There is just one thing left to do: vote.
  • Lake Oswego citizens have been vocal in their support of schools these past several months. Many of us moved here because of our schools and have a genuine appreciation for the role they play in keeping our city vibrant. We are invested in preserving our quality schools because they reflect a shared community value. 

    Earlier this year, a few other Oregon school districts passed or renewed local option school levies. In Beaverton, 57 percent of voters approved their school levy. In Sisters, a full 79 percent of voters approved renewal of their local option school levy. What kind of support will we have when our votes are counted?

    In 2004 our levy passed with just 53 percent of the vote. In 2008 it was 57 percent. These numbers are just too close for comfort when you consider the drastic cuts we will face in our schools if the levy fails. We cannot be fooled by the strong support shown for the schools. That support will not be meaningful if we do not turn out the vote. Complacency is our greatest enemy in this special election. Do not be among those that believe it is going to pass with or without your vote.

    Make your vote count, because we will only pass this if we all follow through with turning in our ballots. Remind your friends and neighbors to vote too.

    Let’s send a message that Lake Oswego supports education through our actions. Friday is the last day to mail your ballot. You can turn your ballot in at the Lake Oswego Public Library drop box by 8 p.m. on Tuesday. 

    Audrey Monroe, Lake Oswego, is the chairwoman of the Lake Oswego schools levy campaign.