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"Yes" at Sunnyside Meadows Memory Care

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SUNNYSIDE MEADOWS MEMORY CARE - Marie NicholsonFor those suffering from dementia, home can come with a lot of “no” answers, all with good reasons from the family’s point of view. “No, honey, you can’t go out there alone.” “No, that’s not safe.” ”No, you can’t use that/do that/ go there!” People with memory issues may feel limited in their own home.

“They may feel like people are always whispering about them behind their back,” says Community Outreach Director Marie Nicholson. This can be frustrating from the senior’s point of view and certainly add to the paranoia and restlessness, since emotions are still intact.

Sunnyside Meadows Memory Care is being created to give all “yes” answers through the building design and staff training. Sunnyside Meadows provides a safe, non-restricted environment. The four neighborhoods have been thoughtfully designed for dementia and encourage residents to keep their minds and bodies active.

Every area presents a “Yes, go there, play there, wander there, and enjoy!” Stations are set up with interactive, hands-on life experience reminders, such as baseball cards, pipe fitting pieces, hats and necklaces, puzzles, games, an office or an art project.

Residents feel capable and purposeful when they participate and succeed in activities. Each aspect of the day has been centered on their well-being from the smell of freshly baked bread, to freedom to walk the many patios.

Models are now open for touring and seeing the “Yes”! Call Marie Nicholson at 503-798-1341 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your tour.

Sunnyside Meadows Memory Care


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