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Take your brain health to heart

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SUNNYSIDE MEADOWS MEMORY CAR - Marie Nicholson"What's good for your heart is good for your head." We've all heard it before, and for good reason! Some of the strongest evidence about good brain health links your brain to your heart. If your heart isn't pumping well, your brain cells will have trouble getting the fuel they need.

In Alzheimer's patients, this makes heart health especially important. Patients will often forget to eat, or will even eat extra meals because they forget or do not feel full. Poor nutrition can increase these behavioral symptoms, while also leading to weight loss.

That's why the Sunnyside Meadows dining experience offers wonderfully-prepared, well-balanced meals. Prepared using from-scratch cooking techniques, our chefs and cooks use in-season fruits and vegetables and strive to include comfort foods and recipes that cater to specific tastes and preferences.

Our residents will enjoy bread baked fresh each day by our staff, creating a wonderful atmosphere and aroma that's just like home. We want to make each resident's life as easy and fulfilling as possible; by offering visual choices, accommodating each resident dietary restrictions, and including well-balanced meals to promote brain health and wellness, we aim to do just that.

We want to give you and your family the gift of life, because life is meant to be lived fully until you die. Contact Sunnyside Meadows today, and let us give you and your family that gift.

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