Oregon City police cited a man for menacing, and revoked his concealed weapons permit and handgun on Monday, after he allegedly pulled his weapon on another man outside the Tee Time Bar and Grill, 19197 Molalla Ave.

Mark M. Jacobson’s court date is Monday, Feb. 4, at 3 p.m., in the Clackamas County Courthouse.

On Jan. 7, 2013, at 10:45 p.m., 911 dispatched police to a reported fight scene outside Tee Time, where two different groups ended up in an argument after a woman asked a man if he could move his vehicle, so she could back out of a parking spot. There were two arguments over a short while in the bar’s parking lot, and during the second altercation, there was reportedly some pushing and shoving.

Everyone involved appeared to have been drinking, according to reports.

Eventually, witnesses said Jacobson, 50, pulled a handgun and pointed it at another male. The suspect eventually got into his vehicle and drove away.

Police tracked down Jacobson to his home at 19438 Silver Fox Parkway in Oregon City and seized his handgun and his concealed weapons permit.

Lt. Jim Band believes this story has relevance today, because people are getting concealed weapons permits and buying guns “in droves right now,” in light of recent events locally and nationally.

“This is an example of what can go wrong when people think without acting; a gun is not a problem solver,” Band said. “It can be an effective tool, but only with a lot of critical thought and training before application.”

Band noted that it is not legal to bring a gun to a fight or an argument, and that Jacobson told police that he would have just driven away if he could have done the whole thing over again.

“Nothing in the police reports suggest that deadly force would have been remotely justified in this incident,” Band said. “Making such decisions after drinking alcohol will most likely not produce good results.”

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