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Retro Revival opens in downtown Oregon City


by: PHOTO COURTESY: RETRO REVIVAL  - Entrepreneurs Suzan Clough (left) and Diana Keith on the porch of their new 14th Street shop Retro Revival in downtown Oregon City.This January, downtown entrepreneur Suzan Clough opened her second boutique on “Cottage Row” in downtown Oregon City.

Clough is partnering with longtime friend and new entrepreneur Diana Keith in a start-up business venture they’re calling “Retro Revival.”

The shop at 212 14th St. — one of three cottages on that street — focuses on vintage furniture, clothing and home goods from the 1940s to the 1970s.

When searching for a name for their new endeavor, Clough and Keith began running through 1960s-era words that fit a vintage home goods and furniture shop. Originally, they were inspired by some Mediterranean style furniture with big brass handles.

“During a brainstorm session focused on naming the shop, ‘Big Brass Knockers’ was one name that just popped out,” Clough said.

After three weeks of consideration, they decided to use Retro Revival as the shop’s name because it more clearly conveyed the theme of the boutique — a mid-century modern vibe with relevant products from other areas.

Retro Revival is the second shop for Clough on Cottage Row. A year ago, she partnered with Tracy Price to run Lavender Cottage at 220 14th St., a “shabby chic” boutique in a charming cottage with home goods, gifts and decorations.

As a sister business, Retro Revival purveys a mix of furniture, home goods, art and vintage clothing for consignment and boutique retail.

“Entrepreneurs Suzan, Diana and their shop Retro Revival are a great example of homegrown heroes growing our economy by opening a new complementary business,” said Lloyd Purdy, director of MSOC Inc., the agency tasked with revitalizing downtown Oregon City. “These two entrepreneurs have found a niche for success. Suzan realized that the best way for her first business, Lavender Cottage on 14th Street, to succeed would be to ensure there were more reasons for shoppers to visit Cottage Row. By offering another shopping choice she’s planning for success — exactly our approach to economic development downtown — improving business by bringing in more businesses.”

Clough and Keith have been friends since their now-adult children were in second grade. They decided to partner and open the 1,500-square-foot boutique in order to pursue their passion for shopping, repurposing and recycling. They hosted a grand opening last month.

“This is a culmination of what we love to do.” Keith said. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now I’ve paired that with an opportunity to immerse myself in what we already love to do.”

According to Clough, opening and running Lavender Cottage with her business partner Keith gave her the courage and experience she needed to open a new shop, from nothing more than an idea and a market niche she knew needed to be filled in the Oregon City marketplace.