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OC teens booked on sign-stealing spree charges


by: CCSO  - RobinsonOn March 16, at about 3 a.m., Happy Valley police contracted through Clackamas County were dispatched to a report of suspicious circumstances.

The information included that the residents of a home in the 14000 block of Southeast Willet Drive had seen a man in their yard and that a ladder had been placed over their gate. The residents of the home also reported seeing three young men running through the neighborhood and getting into a red Jeep Cherokee that drove off.

A few minutes later, the Happy Valley Police located and stopped that car near the intersection of 122nd Avenue and Timber Valley Drive.

Approaching the car, police saw a stack of street signs inside the rear cargo area of the car.

The driver and passengers in the car were identified as Oregon City residents Grant D. Lindquist, 18, Justin S. Peterson, 23, and Tyler J. Robinson, 18.by: CCSO - Lindquist

Lindquist initially told police he was out for a jog and that his friends had come to pick him up. Subsequent conversation revealed another story, and police say Lindquist elaborated that he was having trouble with his girlfriend and wanted to let her know he loved her so he and his friends went around stealing street signs. He told police he and his friends picked out signs they thought she would like and also took some for them.

Police learned from all three involved men that they had been in several locations stealing street signs that evening. The other places they had allegedly committed thefts that evening were: Lee Drive in Oregon City, three locations in Wilsonville, Grant Street in Canby and two locations in Newberg.

All three men were taken into custody and taken to the Clackamas County Jail. They were each booked on a single charge of theft, with the potential for further charges as the investigation continues. by: CCSO  - Peterson