After seven years of struggle and turmoil, the Clackamas River Water Board voted unanimously on Thursday to approve a settlement with Beavercreek Telephone Cooperative.

CRW has been in negotiations with BTC ever since a former board took issue with a sale of property made to BTC over 10 years ago.

“Given the passage of time,” said CRW General Manager Lee Moore, who has been working with CRW legal counsel since his hiring in 2007 to come up with the settlement, “this is the best agreement we could come up with for both parties.”

Under the settlement, BTC would have to pay off the remainder of the lease in the amount of $94,395.93, and at the end of the lease, CRW will deliver the deed and ownership of the property, with the exception of the two CRW water-tank sites, to BTC.

Despite comments from Pat Holloway, a former commissioner recalled by voters on March 19, advising members to stay a vote until they had copies of the agreement in hand, the board moved quickly throughout the meeting, and most of it went smoothly. With the exception of a few exclusions of titles when addressing certain board members, and some murmurs of “here we go” from the back of the room when Holloway got up to speak, the board passed the first three action items unanimously on April 11.

“Too much time has been spent trying to lay the blame,” said Commissioner Kenneth Humberston. “I think it’s silly. It’s time to move on and not waste any more of the ratepayers’ money.”

Before the vote, there was only small discussion about the inclusion of a detailed survey of structures on the property. Commissioner Grafton Sterling, who would have faced the recall last month had it not been for a petitioner’s clerical error, expressed concerns about the survey.

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