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OCHS students win several honors in Hanford nuclear writing contest


Oregon City High School junior Jocelyn Letzer placed in this year’s statewide Greenfield Peace Writing Contest, which also gave two honorable mentions to OCHS students among just six winners out of 58 statewide entries.

Letzer, the fourth-place winner, received a $100 scholarship for her entry. A tennis player who enjoys photography, she plans to graduate with an honors diploma and attend college. Although she’s unsure about her career plans, she has an interest in social sciences or human services.

Gov. John Kitzhaber signed scholarships and certificates awarded to winners at a ceremony on May 3 at the Ecotrust Building in Portland as part of the opening reception for the "Particles on the Wall" art and literature exhibit, which deals with the historic consequences of the nuclear age and the Hanford nuclear site along the Columbia River, in particular.

Letzer wrote that Hanford had been the “basis of destruction” countless times, starting with taking the land from American Indians, then covering up leakages and faulty cleanup efforts.

“Somehow the wrongdoings are vindicated and ignored for years and years,” she wrote. “Now is the time for new leaders, new management, a new system. Since the 1800s, people have been hurt by Hanford, and now is time for the flaws to be undone. We can’t change what has occurred in the past; we can change what occurs in the future.”

Honorable mentions included OCHS senior Kimberly Selegue for her poem, “The Bleed,” and OCHS junior Ayush Kumar for his story, “Nuclear Masterpiece.”