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The Clackamas Review

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, sitting as the board of the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District, on Thursday, June 6, unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the district to sell a portion of Trolley Trail property to TriMet in exchange for adjacent property, subject to TriMet’s ownership of the land.

TriMet has not acquired all the property necessary to complete its portion of the transaction.

“We want to get this thing going and get our trail back together, but as stated in our resolution, until TriMet is capable of performing and conveying clear title to the subject property, the deal will not be consummated,” said Commission Chairman John Ludlow.

The resolution follows two questions on the May 21 special election ballot relating to the future of the Portland-to-Milwaukie light-rail project. Clackamas County voters rejected Measure 3-424, which asked Should Clackamas County use certain County resources to meet previous contractual commitments toward the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Project?

Voters in the parks district approved the following advisory question by a vote of 9,516 in favor and 7,744 opposed:

Should the NCPRD [North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District] sell a portion of the “Trolley Trail” property to TriMet, where TriMet would:

n Sell a strip of adjacent property to NCPRD for the trail;

n Construct that section of the trail without cost to NCPRD; and

n Provide NCPRD with additional compensation to make up the difference in value.

TriMet is suing Clackamas County to compel county officials to meet contractual obligations related to the new light-rail project. A court hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 27.

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