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OC resident heads for high seas after $51,177 Keno win


“I’m going on a cruise!”

Tina DeHut knew exactly what her plans were after winning a $51,177.70 eight-spot Keno Multiplier prize on May 27. The Oregon City resident played five consecutive games at $2 per game. The winning ticket was bought at Dotty’s No. 21A in Oregon City.

DeHut matched all eight numbers in the first of the five games on her Keno ticket. The winning combination of numbers was 3-5-8-33-40-47-62-72. In matching all eight numbers, DeHut won a $15,000 prize. When filling out her play slip she marked the Keno Multiplier Option, which can multiply a player’s prize up to 10 times. When the multiplier “2” was drawn for DeHut’s winning game, her prize was doubled to $30,000. She also won the $21,177.70 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, giving her a total prize of $51,177.70.

DeHut said that she had previously made plans and reservations for a family cruise. “Now I can pay for it,” she laughed.

DeHut, who also enjoys Megabucks, Powerball, and Mega Millions, is a previous Oregon Lottery winner. Among her previous wins were Keno prizes of $13,000 and $5,000. After posing for her complimentary commemorative photo, DeHut finished with “I hope to see you again!”

DeHut’s big Keno prize was among the more than $240,000 in total prizes won by Oregon City players in the past 30 days. Among the winners were: Denise Bernard, $75,000 “Classic Black,” Second Chance Scratch-its drawing winner; James Lancaster, $12,012 Keno; John Bitteridge, $10,000 “Sahrina, Countess of Cash” Scratch-it; Brian Henrichs, $10,000 Platinum Spin Series Video Lottery ; Gary Nelson, $7,393 Keno; Julie Eisele, $4,500 Platinum Spin Series Video Lottery; Michael Crist, $3,058 Keno; Terri Hill, $1,000 “Instant Keno” Scratch-it; and Donald Wheeler, $870 Megabucks.

The Oregon Lottery reminds players to always sign the back of their lottery tickets, regardless of the game. In the event of winning a jackpot, they should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional to develop a plan for their winnings. Prize winners of more than $50,000 should contact the Lottery office to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned more than $8 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. In that same period, it has paid its players more than $24 billion in prizes.