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Collaborative Care clinic opens in Happy Valley


Health clinic Sunnyside Collaborative Care last month opened in the Happy Valley Town Center near City Hall.

by: PHOTO COURTESY: SCC - From left, Mayor Lori DeRemer, Dr. Satya Ambrose and Kelli Scott cut the ribbon officially opening the Sunnyside Collaborative Care clinic. SCC is an initiative by Dr. Satya Ambrose, who also co-founded the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1983. Practitioners at Sunnyside Collaborative Care provide naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, IV therapy, manipulation and counseling, in addition to conventional medicine. Conventional medicine’s superior crisis treatments are combined with natural medicine’s excellence at restoring health and preventing illness.

The clinic is affiliated with the nonprofit Chitari Collaborative Foundation. As a Chitari Center for Collaborative Health, SCC will use the Complete Care Model to create individualized care plans for patients by using diagnostic laboratory testing to reveal each patient’s unique biochemical markers for both potential diseases and health. This allows for a greater understanding of what the best prevention plan or treatment plan will be.

With frequent public classes featured at SCC, Chitari works to unite communities and build a future with more accessible and effective medicine. Go to sunnysidecocare.com for more information.