Local financial advisor Robert Hesslink offers book to achieve health March 13 at Happy Valley BFit

While growing up, Robert Hesslink struggled with his weight and the challenges of being chubby around his peers. This experience helped focus his personal quest for better health and body weight management.

PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Robert Hesslink (right) has spent his lifetime trying to understand human metabolism and weight management. His book, Eat Less, Sleep More and Slow Down has gotten the attention of Robin Morse, the general manager of BFit Happy Valley.In 2014, he decided to use his knowledge in health science research to write a simple book to help his clients get healthier: "Eat Less, Sleep More and Slow Down," published in the summer of 2015.

About a year ago, he moved from Lake Oswego to Damascus and became a member of BFit Happy Valley soon thereafter. His observations of the staff and values of BFit inspired Hesslink to mention his book to Robin Morse, the club general manager.

Being like-minded about the value of health and wellness, they agreed that some event would be beneficial to the Happy Valley community and the BFit members. The idea for a book signing and short lecture came to mind, which will be held 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, at the gym, 14800 S.E. Sunnyside Road, Happy Valley.

Since his book is packed with recent research into the topic of health and wellness, the event will begin with Hesslink sharing new data on the topic of eating, sleeping and relaxation. He says that following his health and well-being tips will potentially lead to a longer life. And, living a longer life will mean you will more than likely have additional expenses, but the extra expenses and efforts are well worth it in his view.

"I'd rather have good health and pay a little more than the alternative," he said.

Hesslink works out daily at BFit Happy Valley. Exercise facility staff will discuss the many options for exercise, nutrition and yoga after his talk. He will sign copies of his book for those purchasing at the event.

The general manager of BFit Happy Valley was impressed with Hesslink's advice for eating, sleeping and exercising.

"This book can help people to be healthier," Morse said.

The book presents Hesslink's philosophy gained through his life experiences. Fitness has always been his passion. He has a bachelor's degree in physical education and health sciences, a master's degree in exercise physiology and a research doctorate in applied anatomy and physiology from Boston University.

While in the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps he conducted research on human performance in environmental extremes and upon discharge held a variety of positions in the nutritional supplement and medical foods industry.

He considered following that path into academia, but took a quick turn into the investment business, joining his father in 1992 at Hesslink Financial Services in Riverside, California. He has been helping individuals and business owners understand the financial challenges of life for over 25 years.

He noticed that many of his clients might be thriving financially, but they eventually needed to use their reserves to pay for costly medical expenses. They had the funds, but wouldn't it be better if they could improve their health and use those funds for pleasure, rather than for medical expenses?

"We are so programmed to go, go, go!" Hesslink said. "If you try to slow down, you might be out of a job. Competition is tough, and it takes its toll, but it is all linked together. For example, 15 or 20 years of interrupted sleep impacts glucose levels which can lead to diabetes and obesity."

In the book, Hesslink outlines a simple solution to prevent individuals from being overweight and unhealthy. The core tenets are to eat less, sleep more and slow down. He explains the science behind the core tenets, and how you can learn to understand your behavior for better health and longevity.

Hesslink's book is currently sold for $6.99 at BFit Happy Valley, New Seasons Market grocery stores and on Amazon in digital format. The e-book can be downloaded for $2.99.

Contact him at 951-533-1563 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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