Player of the Year — Kelly Meeuwsen, Liberty

Pitcher of the Year — Mariah Mulcahy, St. Helens

Coach of the Year — Kellie Wilkerson, Sandy


PUTNAM — Junior Taylor Balfour (infield) and sophomore Kate Betschart (outfield)

SANDY — Seniors Chelsea Spanier (infield), Cheyenne Baker (designated player) and Meghan Luebbert (outfield); juniors Sammie Byron (pitcher) and Rachel Rutledge (catcher); and sophomore Molly Nutt (outfield)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Kayleah Starr (infield), Rebecca Ollison (catcher) and Brynn Lio (outfield); junior Sarah Harms (pitcher); and sophomore Stephanie Stamnes (utility)

ST. HELENS — Senior Sue Sass (infield), sophomore Mariah Mulcahy (pitcher), and freshman Ashley Geisbers (outfield)

LIBERTY — Sophomore Kelly Meeuwsen (infield)

PARKROSE — Sophomore Princess Anyanwu (utility)


MILWAUKIE — Junior Kassie Stevenson (utility)

SHERWOOD — Senior Adry Seitz (designated player), junior Hannah Zweig (infield), sophomore Katie Zook (infield), and freshman Emily Carlson (pitcher)

LIBERTY — Seniors Sierra Lamotte (infield), Kylie Wruble (outfield) and Karoline Mason (outfield); junior Ashley Driscoll (pitcher); and sophomore Paige Smotherman (catcher)

ST. HELENS — Juniors Karli Edwards (infield) and Stevie Strawn (outfield), and sophomore Michelle Sass (catcher)

SANDY — Senior Tiffany Neumann (infield)

PARKROSE — Junior Kimiyo Asanuma (outfield)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Nicole Bugliari (pitcher) and Mariah Scott (catcher)

PUTNAM — Junior Ashley Culp (catcher) and freshman Brooke Snyder (pitcher)

SANDY — Sophomore Presley Turin (infield)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Maddie Wharton (infield), Katie Conroy (infield) and Sarah Roberts (outfield)

SHERWOOD — Senior Talea Stashin (outfield)

LIBERTY — Seniors Brittany Geisbers (infield) and Alex Flores (designated player)

ST. HELENS — Sophomore Alyssa Geisbers (designated player) and freshman Taylor Leal (infield)

PARKROSE — Senior Taylor Gruetzmacher (infield)

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